About Us

 By the way, if you see online a good-looking picture of a man over 50, that photo is very likely to be out-of-date... 

Dr. Marc Ghysels is a 60-year-old Belgian radiologist who has acquired an international reputation for his skill in authenticating antiquities and works of art.

After specialising in interventional radiology at Erasme Hospital in Brussels, Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, PA and Hammersmith Hospital in London, he practised for fifteen years in a medical environment before bringing his expertise to the art world. 


In his private radiology practice in Brussels, he analyses antiquities from a wide range of cultures, whatever their age or material, as long as they are not made of metal and are small enough to pass through a medical scanner.


His current fields of interest are African tribal arts; archaeological terracotta from West Africa, the Middle East, India and China; and Oceanic and Pre-Columbian arts.

His expertise is sought by art specialists across the globe to verify the techniques used by the artists, detect any damage or restoration, and expose the many tricks designed to deceive not only the discerning eye of the collector but also the more commonly used methods of scientific analysis.


Art collectors, dealers, auction houses and major museums regularly call on his skills.