Scrofulous Sogolon

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The below video is but a summary to the paper:



Scrofulous Sogolon

Scanning the Sunjata Epic


Anne-Marie Bouttiaux & Marc Ghysels

Tribal Art

Spring 2015, XIX-2, n°75, pp. 88-123


which is available in full as a PDF here:

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"Over the last forty years or so, central Mali and, more specifically, the Inland Niger Delta, have supplied the Western art market with hundreds of terracotta figures obtained through clandestine excavations. These so-called Djenne archaeological objects, most of which are figurative and date from the thirteenth to the seventeenth century, are now in museum and private collections. The lack of scientific data about their original context has led to considerable guesswork about just what they represent. To remedy this deficiency, we have called on Mande oral tradition that preserves the knowledge of the region as well as upon medical imaging to attempt an interpretation of some of these artworks." [...]


To explore in real time the 3D models of the figures described in the paper Scrofulous Sogolon, click here