1977 • X-rays and African Art


The paper 'Rayons X et art africain' (X-rays and African art), written by Roy Sieber and Theodore Celenko and published in the magazine 'Arts d'Afrique Noire' in the Spring of 1977 may be the first paper describing at length the interest of investigating tribal arts from Africa with X-rays:


This paper describes some of the results of an ongoing series of experiments in the Fine Arts Department and the Program of African Studies at Indiana University which are aimed at investigating the utility as well as the limitations of radiography in the analysis of traditional African artifacts.


As it is quite difficult to find the issue of : Arts d'Afrique Noire, Spring 1977, vol. 21, p.16-28, I warmly thank Mr. Raoul Lehuard, its former director & chief publisher, for allowing a wider audience to rediscover it:

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